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                          Sizing Information 

Waist trainers are NOT true to size For the best accurate size please use measurements and sizing charts if you do not know your measurements please use the size up trick

Ex. If you wear a large shirt order a XL trainer

This trick works 8/10 times however everybody body is shaped different some may need to size up 2x whatever you do don’t size down a common mistake a lot of people make

If you are still unsure you can visit my Contact US page and send a full body picture to my IG DM or FB Messenger

If after all this you receive your trainer and it does not fit I will try my best to be available for a quick video chat via IG or FB Messenger  to coach you though putting your trainer on before determining it is the wrong size I had many customers believe they cant fit a trainer and when in fact they could you may just need a extra hand and a lil advice

                                Please Note :

If you are experiencing pain in ribs or any discomfort or trouble breathing trainer may be too small it is very important to listen to your body it is recommended that you order a size up and keep smaller trainer for when its time to size down. Please keep in mind trainer should be fit tight and snug