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Hello Beautiful, Im Daijah CEO of Bodied By Daijah, mom, entrepreneur and self love/self care advocate and I believe every woman deserves to live every day looking and feeling her best. At Bodied By Daijah, we empower you to be confident, sexy and poised with exceptional quality waist trainers and professional body contouring services that enhances your natural beauty. As a premier retailer of high-quality women’s shapewear, we provide the newest and most effective garments and services . We’re dedicated to guiding customers to the most comfortable options out there. Our expert owner takes pride in quality client care For us, the most rewarding result at Bodied By Daijah is when the customer gains the confidence to feel ready for anything. Whether gracing the aisle as a bridesmaid or trimming a few inches off after childbirth we’re here to help. No matter the desire, no matter the challenge, we embrace and strengthen the beauty in every customer that’s been there